Spring is here and the time is now to take steps towards making your yard look great for the rest of the year. It is the duty of each homeowner and occupant to maintain their home in a good and attractive condition and excellent state of repair at all times. The part of your home that will likely require the most amount of time and attention is your yard. Each homeowner is responsible for mowing, edging, watering, fertilizing, trimming, pruning and otherwise maintaining the landscaping on their property. Here are some landscape maintenance action items that will help you keep your yard in compliance with community standards.

Mow & Edge: It’s important to mow and edge regularly to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. Use a sharp blade and only cut about a third of the grass blade length off at a time. Don’t forget to edge and trim along fence lines to give it that clean look.

Water: Your grass needs water to survive, but often folks are watering too much or too little. It’s best to water less frequently, but more deeply. Give your yard a good soak two or three times per week or every three days, adjusting with the weather. 

Fertilize: One of the best ways to get your grass looking lush and green is to properly fertilize it. Fertilizer is a product that you apply to your grass that contains nutrients to help your grass grow healthy and strong. There are various fertilizer products available at home improvement stores. While fertilizers have specific application instructions, they are easy to use and a sure way to help your yard look great. 

Weed: Weeds are annoying, unsightly, and tough to get rid of, especially in dry windy conditions. There are a number of products available that can treat weeds before they crop up and spread in the spring. Weeds can also be removed by hand by digging them out at the root. A little bit of effort before weeds get out of hand can prevent a breakout of weeds that spread throughout the neighborhood and are hard to get rid of. When it comes to weeds, remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Trim & Prune: Shrubs and trees need to be trimmed and pruned a couple times per year so they don’t become overgrown and unsightly. Trees along walking paths should be trimmed so they are not obstructing the path.

Remember that unkempt yards are subject to maintenance violations from the HOA. Remember also to maintain the minimum number of shrubs and trees required by the Design Guidelines for your neighborhood. Backyards must also be landscaped and maintained by the homeowner in compliance with community standards. Any changes to the exterior of the home must be reviewed and approved by the Design Review Committee prior to installation. To submit a design review request or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.