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Spring Time Landscape Maintenance Tips

Spring is here and the time is now to take steps towards making your yard look great for the rest of the year. It is the duty of each homeowner and occupant to maintain their home in a good and attractive condition and excellent state of repair at all times. The part of your home that will likely require the most amount of time and attention is your yard. Each homeowner is responsible for mowing, edging, watering, fertilizing, trimming, pruning and otherwise maintaining the landscaping on their property. Here are some landscape maintenance action items that will help you keep your yard in...

Temporary Playground Closures

Dear Rosecrest Homeowners, As the spread of Coronavirus threatens our communities, we ask our residents to follow the Coronavirus Directive put forth by Governor Herbert directing Utahn’s to stay home and stay safe. In the spirit of following this directive, all HOA playgrounds will be temporarily closed until further notice. Please read the full directive at and stay updated on any changes to the directive at Sincerely,  Rosecrest Communities Master HOA

Welcome Letter


Dear Homeowner,

Welcome to Rosecrest! You are now a member of one of the greatest residential communities in Utah. Please take some time to read this letter as it contains important information regarding your responsibility as a homeowner in the Rosecrest Communities Master Homeowners Association.

Many of the newer subdivisions of the Rosecrest Communities development are connected by the Rosecrest Communities Master Homeowners Association. The Master HOA’s primary function is to uphold the standards found in the Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (CC&Rs). This includes upholding architectural and design standards for the homes, enforcing associations rules and policies, and maintaining property and facilities owned by the HOA. 

Some individual neighborhoods that have property and amenities exclusive to that neighborhood have their own Homeowners Associations. While still subject to the Master Homeowners Association, these Neighborhood Associations have their own set of rules and fees that apply only to that neighborhood. This means that if you live in a Neighborhood Homeowners Association then you are a member of two Homeowners Associations; the Neighborhood Homeowners Association and the Master Homeowners Association.

The Homeowners Associations follows certain policies, procedures, rules, and guidelines. Members are expected to understand and abide by these policies, procedures, rules, and guidelines. All of these can be found in the community’s Governing Documents which are accessible to members online or by request. Members are also responsible for making sure the Association has their correct contact information for sending statements and notices.

While Homeowner Associations can sometimes seem burdensome or restrictive, they yield great benefits to the community. The best way to make the most out of your membership in a Homeowners Association is to understand the rules and participate. Don’t be afraid to make your voice heard. If you have any questions or concerns about the Master Homeowners Association or the community, reach out to your HOA manager.


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