Dear Homeowners,

We hope you’ve had a great summer so far. Please review these updates and reminders from your HOA.

There isn’t always much to talk about regarding the Master HOA, but one of the highlights of the summer is the landscape improvements that were made. Many dead trees were identified and replaced, some new trees and shrubs were added, and mulch beds replenished. These are regular landscape improvements that make a big difference to the overall appearance of the common areas and include removing/adding new trees and plants and replenishing bark in planter beds.

There are still several more weeks of summer which means several more weeks of landscape maintenance. It’s a good time to consider fertilizing the lawn and trees if you haven’t done much fertilizing over the summer. As fall approaches you will want to make preparations to winterize your irrigation systems.

The HOA will be doing another random drive-through inspection of the community in the coming weeks. As a reminder, if you’ve received a notice from the HOA regarding a violation and the issue has not been resolved, please reach out to management immediately to avoid the escalation of any fines against you. As a reminder, the HOA does not allow trailers, boats, or RVs to be parked on the street or in the driveway in front of the home. Trailers, boats, and RVs may be parked on the side of the home on a concrete pad. Unfortunately, not all homes can accommodate parking for trailers, boats, and RVs. All front and rear yard areas must be landscaped and maintained per the HOA’s design guidelines. Any modifications to your exterior must be reviewed and approved by the Design Review Committee prior to installation. If you have any questions about getting approval from the HOA please contact management. You may also fill out a design review request form online here: Design Review Request Form

A few other items of business on the horizon to be mindful of: The HOA will hold its annual meeting at the beginning of November via a Zoom meeting. This will be announced as it gets closer, so watch out for that announcement. In preparation for the meeting, management will review the HOA’s year-to-date financials and create a draft budget for the 2024 year for Board approval. Management will also make policy recommendations for the Board to consider for the upcoming year. Any changes in budget or HOA policy will be announced prior to the annual meeting. Lastly, in December, the HOA will start billing for the 2024 annual assessments that are due on January 1st, 2024, so you will want to be prepared for that.

As always, please contact management if you have any questions. Check out the HOA’s website and owner portal for additional HOA information.


HOA Management Team
Rosecrest Communities Master HOA
Call/VM (801) 316-3215
Text (801) 923-2340