Dear Homeowner,


This is Logan reaching out from the management team for Rosecrest Communities Master HOA. In our most recent annual meeting, there were several comments about having a regular newsletter or email go out with updates about the HOA and the development. We think it’s a good idea, so we are committing to sending out a quarterly email update. If you received this email it is because we have you down as the Owner of a unit in this HOA.


To start things off, thank you to all who have paid the annual assessments on time. It’s a big help to us and the HOA. If you haven’t paid your annual assessments, there’s still time. The fastest way to do it is online through the homeowner portal. If you aren’t registered yet, please register first and set up your profile and mailing preferences, then go ahead and take care of that payment. You can also send a check in the mail. If you need a copy of your HOA statement, let us know and we will happily provide it.


Some changes have been made to the “Documents” and “Resources” tabs in the homeowner portal. Here you can access the governing documents, meeting minutes, annual budget and more. We highly encourage all homeowners to utilize the homeowner portal as a tool and a resource to make HOA life simpler and more streamlined. If you haven’t done so already, take a minute to update your profile information and mailing preferences in the homeowner portal. We are planning to add some additional documents to these areas and to the public facing website to make the community documents more accessible to you, so please look out for those updates in the coming weeks. If you have trouble getting set up on the homeowner portal or have any questions, please contact us right away.


In the annual meeting we proposed two new rules that might impact some homeowners and we promised to post those rules to the homeowner portal so that homeowners can read them and provide feedback directly to the Board before they make a decision one way or the other. The two rules are regarding (1) undue and excessive animal noise and (2) the storage and placement of outdoor recreation equipment.

Proposal 1 – Undue or Excessive Animal Noise. This rule deals specifically with noise from animals/pets, such as barking, growling, whining, etc. that is undue or excessive. The Declaration of CC&Rs currently restricts certain types of animal behaviors that negatively impact the community but lacks specifics when it comes to how animal issues such as undue or excessive animal noise should be enforced. This proposal provides a more specific definition and procedure for dealing with these types of situations.


Proposal 2 – Placement and Storage of Outdoor Recreation Equipment. This rule deals specifically with the question of whether homeowners should be expected to put away outdoor recreation equipment (basketball hoops, playhouses, soccer nets, trampolines, etc.) when they’re not being used in the same way that trash cans should be pulled in after trash day, or if it acceptable for those items to be left permanently in the yard or on the street.  The proposed rule does not prohibit the use of outdoor recreation equipment but would prohibit Owners from leaving them in the front yard or on the street for extended periods of time when they’re not being used.


In the homeowner portal, under the “Documents” tab, in the “Proposed Resolutions” folder, you will find drafts of the two proposed resolution documents. Please read them if you’d like and give us feedback by filling out our online form found under the “Resources” tab, then click on “Feedback Survey”. The board will review the feedback that is given to help them determine if these rules should go into effect or not. Any changes will be published in the newsletter and posted to the homeowner portal.


Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. That’s all the updates we have at this time. If you have any questions, please contact our management team at the contact info below. Have a great day and we’ll see you on the next one!




Community Dynamics Management Team

Rosecrest Communities Master Homeowners Association


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